The Expressions of Interest (EoI) of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF) is an initiative launched by the European Office of the Complutense University of Madrid.

This promotion action was designed to advertise our university’s researchers interested in becoming Scientific Supervisors. This website allows them to disseminate their host offers in order to match the best postdoctoral candidates eligible under the bases of the call (MSCA-PF)

Are you currently affiliated to the Complutense University? Discover the benefits for your research career and the requirements to become a Supervisor in the below section.

  • Excellent Research

    The two-way transfer of knowledge required by the call may allow the opening of new lines of research and the acquisition of new methodologies, techniques or skills.

  • Internationalization

    Research groups without experience in EU programmes of R&D can internationalize their research lines, and gain experience in the management of this kind of project. Experienced groups can consolidate their internationalization by recruiting international talent.

  • Prestige

    The MSCA-PF enjoy international prestige. Proposals that are well evaluated (≥ 85 score) and have not received funding are recognized for their quality through a seal of excellence. This distinction benefits both the fellow and the host group.

The proposed supervisor needs to be sufficiently experienced in research supervision, have the time, knowledge, experience, expertise and commitment to be able to offer the postdoctoral researcher adequate support and provide for the necessary progress and review procedures and feedback mechanisms.

The terms and conditions of the call do not establish limits or eligibility requirements for the role of Supervisor. However, at institutional level, it is recommended that supervisors are researchers with a tenured position at the university or with a long-term temporary position (that coincides with the theoretical duration of the projects) and with a recognised research activity.

Supervisors must demonstrate in detail in a section of the proposal their merits as researchers and their experience training or supervising other researchers, as this will be evaluated.

In the proposal preparation phase, the Supervisor has the obligation to provide the researcher with the necessary information to fill in the administrative form of the proposal, as well as to provide information on the proposed research taking place in the group.

Supervisors are the administrative and technical managers (PIs) of the funded research projects. They will also be responsible for supervising the researchers recruited through MSCA-PF.

The Expressions of Interest initiative serves to put university researchers (supervisors) in contact with other postdoctoral researchers, with common interests and complementary expertise, to participate in the MSCA-PF call.

The more fellows applicants that contact you, the more options you have to choose the best one. The MSCA-PF are very competitive. Talent postdoctoral research are needed to have a chance of obtaining funding.

No, you don’t. EoIs are only about helping to match postdoctoral researchers with UCM researchers to participate together. But if you already know a researcher or are already working on the preparation of the proposal with one, you do not need to participate in this initiative.

But, if you are open to find new collaborations, we encourage you to create an EoI.

Promotion of EoIs, meeting with potential supervisors, review of all proposals we receive until a deadline, resolution of specific doubts about the call and the proposals, etc.

But this year, due to the lack of resources we have, we are still open to receive and review your proposal, but, we are not committed to review all the proposals we receive. 

Apart from this, we are available for questions, we have also put a lot of work into building this website, sharing a lot of useful information. 

Become a supervisor now

Become a Supervisor of MSCA-PF if you want to give your research career a boost. Fill in the expression of interest form outlining your research interests, project ideas, supervisory experience, and you will start receiving applications from potential applicants.

There are already more than 200 Expressions of Interest from Research Groups of Complutense University. Register to be part of this initiative of the European Office.