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Fish Neuroendocrinology

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María Jesús Delgado Saavedra

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Faculty of Biological Science
Genetics, Physiology and Microbiology
Research Area
Life Sciences (LIF)

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Fish Neuroendocrinology
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Brief description of the Research Team / Research Group / Department
The research group Fish Neuroendocrinology consists of 6 faculty staff and 3 fellowship doctoral students, that carry out research activity more than 25 years ago supported by the Spanish Minister of Science under the Plan Nacional de I+D+i. The main focus is the study of food intake regulation and the circadian system of fish. Food intake is a very complex process involving a central (which integrates metabolic, endocrine, neuroendocrine and circadian information) and peripheral systems (main regulator of satiety). We are interested in the search of neuroendocrine regulators involved in food intake in fish, as well as the establishment of relationships among nutritional status, brain neuroendocrine regulatory system and the circadian organization. The functional characterization of circadian clocks in central and peripheral locations is an objective of our group. Moreover, the impact of stress on both, circadian oscillators and feeding regulators is also an objective of our research activities. These objectives are addressed by combining molecular techniques, in vivo and in vitro approaches, and behavioural studies. The final objective is the transfer of results to fish farms to improve the feeding efficiency of fish under intensive culture conditions. Our research group has teaching and formative vocation, and a long tradition on scientific education of graduate and postgraduate students, providing a suitable environment to guarantee the successful training of fellows.
Research lines / projects proposed
Fish Chronobiology
Food intake regulation in fish
Stress responses in fish

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