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Institute of Applied Magnetism

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Pilar Marín Palacios

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Institute of Applied Magnetism (MA)
Institute of Applied Magnetism
Research Area
Physics (PHY)

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Institute of Applied Magnetism
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The research group at the Institute of Applied Magnetism (IMA) has 6 Permanent researchers, 2 postdocs and 7 PhD and undergraduate students.

The lab is fully equipped with devices for characterization of magnetic materials as they are:

-1 SQUID magnetometer
-2 VSM magnetometers (with magnetoresistance, oven up to 1000 ºC and specific heat accesories)
-2 Cryostat for optic, transport and magnetotransport measurements.
-Fully equipped magneto-optics lab, with Kerr magnetometry and imaging, Faraday device and 2 electromagnets.
-1 Thin films deposition chamber with 4 e-beam evaporators for alloys and multilayers.-Radiofrecuency device with antennas for emission, reception and spectroscopy.
-2 Thermogravimetric balances.
-1 Hyperhtermia equipment
-Several induction magnetometers
-Acces to the University facilities as XRD, TEM.
-Users of synchrotron radiation facilities.

The main research lines of the Institute are:

-Magnetism of nanostructures: Nanoparticles, thin films and multilayers
-Amorphous magnetic materials (microwires and ribbons)
-Magnetic sensors
-Complex oxides with phase transitions (MOT transitions)
-Electromagnetic fields: Health effects and screening
-Permanent magnets without rare earths
Research lines / projects proposed
The work will focus in the field of magnetic materials and their application. Magnetic nanoparticle will be studied for applications in biomedicine for hyperthermia treatments as well as for drug delivery. Synthesis, functionalization and characterization of magnetic nanomaterials will be carried out. Other studies related with contactless stress sensors for applications as biosensor will be developed. The work will be performed in collaboration with biologists and doctors.

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- motivational Letter
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