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EARTDI 941035 Aplicaciones del Arte en la Inclusión Social

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Marian Lopez Fernandez Cao

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Faculty of Fine Arts
Languages, Arts and Physical Education
Research Area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

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EARTDI 941035 Aplicaciones del Arte en la Inclusión Social
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EARTDI is a reference group in the field of art and psychosocial inclusion. Since 2010 he has been called upon by organizations, other national and international research groups, publishers, municipalities and various institutions to organize programs on art and psychosocial inclusion and art and coeducation. From the review of different methodologies and research paradigms, the group has taken a post-positivist orientation, influenced by the changes derived from social constructionism in education and art as therapy and presents as a common axis:

Reconceptualization of the term art towards a conceptualization that breaks the excluding dichotomies of erudite art/popular art; healthy art/sick art; Art/craft.

Redesigning the functions of art for human development.

Reconceptualization of the term creativity. Towards a shared and non-individualistic creativity.

The introduction of feminist methodology.

Based on the impact of his latest publications (guides for teachers through working on equity through creation, individual and collective books, book chapters, the research journal Arteterapia y educación Artística para la Inclusión Social), he has been asked by various public and private institutions to collaborate in the design of materials and plans that include artistic creation as a means of introducing values in teaching, as well as in the introduction of groups with special needs in museums.

Research lines / projects proposed
EARTDI"s main lines of research are:
Art, artistic practices and social inclusion.
Art, education and equality.
Art therapy for psychosocial improvement.
Art and education for peace.
Art, therapy, trauma and memory.
Museums as agents of visibility and improvement of groups at risk of exclusion.

Project POWER is about offering young people creative and appealing ways to understand the concepts related to gender, raise awareness about how gender is constructed by society and connected to power: how people today still suffer discrimination and oppression because of their gender constructions, develop understanding, empathy and solidarity towards others with different types of gender elections and sexual orientations to step up against oppressions that they suffer.

For more than two decades we have been witnessing a new political and socio-cultural context, in which debates on gender dynamics are at the forefront of the academic, social and political agenda. Museums face the challenge of discussing their definition of museums, their role in society and the re-signification of their heritage.

ALETHEIA: Art, Art Therapy, Trauma and emotional memory. R+D
The project refers to the systematic application of the arts as a way of making sense of traumatic memory and of working effectively with people suffering from post-traumatic stress, focusing on the development of a theoretical part and the development of methodological tools to be implemented in situations of violence with traumatic consequences. Neuropsychological aspects will be part of our research agenda.

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-complete curriculum vitae
- Letter of motivation
- Special interest in the line of research of the group.
- Work proposal, specifying stages, objectives and results.
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