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Gestión del Patrimonio Cultural

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Scientic Supervisor / Contact Person

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Alicia Castillo Mena

Localization & Research Area

Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Geography and History
Prehistoria, Historia Antigua y Arqueología
Research Area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

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Gestión del Patrimonio Cultural
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We are a team of professionals, mainly, but not only, linked to Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Our team includes specialists from different fields (heritage, archaeology, sociology, architecture, law and economy) and we work together to try bringing up something useful. Our motto is "Innovating in Cultural Heritage Management" and that is the basis of our work. We try to find innovative solutions for the management of cultural heritage, delving into new processes of engagement and participation, risk management, conservation, sustainability, etc. All these lines are tightly linked and our experience in archaeological heritage management has led us to research into conflict, participation, World Heritage, sustainability, economic impact, legislation, tourism and a long etcetera. We have been involved in heritage management since the early 80s with several activities and publications, starting to teach archaeological heritage management in the Prehistory Department at UCM as soon as the course of 1991/1992 and becoming a norm ever since, being now a compulsory subjet in the new Archaeology degree. Museology, Legislation or even Public Archaeology lately, have been other spearheads within our group, that got enriched with the participation of Sociology and Economy professionals once it was formalized.

2016 is our latest milestone with the approval of an official Masters Degree in Cultural Heritage Management where 32 Departments of 2 universities are involved
Research lines / projects proposed
All our projects adopt a comprehensive approach combining the following three lines:

1. International Dimension
- World Heritage and its management through geographical, administrative, law and social perspectives
- Cultural Heritage (CH) Management models
- Comparative studies on responsible administrations for CH
- European and Latin American case studies

2. Land approach
- Land planning and protection of CH
-Environmental assessment, Natural and Cultural Heritage
- Preventive Archaeology
- Comprehensive approaches to intangible heritage
- Urban studies

3. Social interaction
- Social perception studies
- Conflict resolution and analysis
-Urban image and identity
-Macro- and micro-economics of CH
-Studies on social and economic impact on CH
-Sustainable development and landscape
-Employment and tourism
-Law studies: archaeological looting
- CH dissemination

Application requirements

Professional Experience & Documents
- Curriculum vitae
- Project proposal
- Motivation letter
You can attach the 'One Page Proposal' to enhance the attractiveness of your application. Supervisors usually appreciate it. Please take into account your background and the information provided in Research Team & Research Topic section to fill in it.

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