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Group Theory

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Yago Antolín

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Faculty of Mathematical Science
Algebra, Geometry and Topology
Research Area
Mathematics (MAT)

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Group Theory
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The Group Theory group in Madrid has members in different institutions Yago Antolín at the UCM, Javier Aramayona at CSIC, and Andrei Jaikin at UAM. The group specializes on different aspects of infinite groups. Particular emphasis is placed on Asymptotic Group Theory (e.g. L2 invariants, growth functions), Geometric Group Theory (e.g. nonpositively curved groups, mapping class groups), Profinite Groups, and Representation Theory. We run several activites: a weakly seminar, an annual conference (Groups in Madrid) and we organize several schools.
Research lines / projects proposed
Geometric and Combinatorial Group theory. More precisely, the geometric and algorithmic aspects of groups with non-positively curved behavior, like acylindrically hyperbolic groups, groups acting on trees, one-relator groups, Artin groups or graph products. Some of the research lines comprise studying the interactions between formal languages and group theory.

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