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Grupo de Investigación de la Guerra Civil y del Franquismo (GIGEFRA)

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Gutmaro Gómez Bravo

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Faculty of Geography and History
Historia Moderna e Historia Contemporánea
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Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

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Grupo de Investigación de la Guerra Civil y del Franquismo (GIGEFRA)
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<br />group <br /><br />Comparative Studies political repression, dictatorships and politicis of memory<br />Spanish Civil War<br />Francoism Dictatorsiph<br />Political Violence<br />Memory Studies<br />
Research lines / projects proposed
Studies on the origins, development and social consequences of the Spanish Civil War and Franco Dictathorship have experienced a significant boom in recent decades. As a result, they have played a crucial role in an overall Spanish historiographical renewal. The historiography is largely confined in old explanations. This has proved to be decisive in explaining the predominance of military and political perspectives as well as the lack of sufficient knowledge about human and social aspects of the war and postwar period, definitely crucial when acteristics enduring a lengthy state of exception and undergoing a twelve-year-long sitate of excepction. Issues seldom assessed such as public supply policies, the problem of refugees, public order and daily life will therefore be looked into closely. In brief, this project is aimed at reconstructing the history of principal political laws during the war and postwar, and particularities of transitional justice in Spain as well.

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