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Grupo de Investigación, Figuración, Representación e Imágenes de la Arquitectura. Del siglo XVIII al XXI.

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Esther Merino

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Faculty of Geography and History
Art History
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Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

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Grupo de Investigación, Figuración, Representación e Imágenes de la Arquitectura. Del siglo XVIII al XXI./
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Directed and co-directed by the Senior Lecturer Delfín Rodríguez Ruiz and the Professor Associated Helena Pérez Gallardo, respectively, the Research Group of the UCM, with a mention of excellence "Figuration, representation and images of architecture. From the 18th to the 20th century" are intended to be an instrument for the dissemination, articulation and exchange of research and sources on the representation of architecture, both through the images that have dreamed, projected and represented it from the 16th century to the present (painted architectures, drawings, prints, photographs and other supports), such as through architectures written in utopias, treatises or manuscripts and other stories. Validated in september 2013, since then teaching and training activities, exhibitions and collective and individual publications have been the main ways of developing the proposals as an interdisciplinary group that includes professors from the Department of Art History, among them Professor Associated Esther Merino, as well as other national and foreign universities.
Research lines / projects proposed
In Scaena. Research of interdisciplinary on Performings arts on royal stage, theater and ceremony in the modern age.Research topicCultural heritage- Performings arts, theatrical architecture, modern age stage, impact of stage of modern history research, libreto or screenplay as a literary genre specific and engravings on theater, ephemeral art.It"s about to promove and valorise a cultural heritage and arts, of common values and knowledge on arts, architecture, literature, theatrical architecture and stage of modern age.

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The candidates are kindly requested to submit a CV (no more than five pages), a cover letter stating their research interest (no more than two pages)
You can attach the 'One Page Proposal' to enhance the attractiveness of your application. Supervisors usually appreciate it. Please take into account your background and the information provided in Research Team & Research Topic section to fill in it.

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