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Microscale Meteorology and Climate Variability

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Scientic Supervisor / Contact Person

Name and Surname
Pablo Zurita-Gotor

Localization & Research Area

Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Physical Science
Earth Physics and Astrophysics
Research Area
Environmental Sciences and Geology (ENV), Physics (PHY)

MSCA & ERC experience

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Research Team & Research Topic

Research Team / Research Group Name (if any)
Microscale Meteorology and Climate Variability
Website of the Research team / Research Group / Department
Brief description of the Research Team / Research Group / Department
The supervisor is a member of the research group "Microscale Meteorology and Climate Variability" at Universidad Complutense. As implied by the name, this research group covers a broad variety of research lines, ranging from boundary layer meteorology to large-scale stratospheric variability. The supervisor"s research is focused on the dynamics of the large-scale atmospheric circulation. Collaborations within this research group and with other research groups at Universidad Complutense are encouraged.
Research lines / projects proposed
The supervisor has devoted his career to the study of the large-scale atmospheric circulation, its internal variability and the response to climate change. Some of the specific topics that we have studied include the dynamics of the moist circulation, the determination of tropopause height and its sensitivity to climate change, the persistence of atmospheric annular modes and tropical-extratropical interactions. The goal of this research is to enhance the dynamical understanding of the relevant phenomena, for which we make use of theory, idealized models and diagnostic from observations and comprehensive models. You can find more details on this research, including publications, at my personal webpage:

The supervisor is open to essentially any research project within this broad area, depending on the interests of the applicants.Specific topics of interest include the dynamics of tropical momentum transport and tropical-extratropical interactions.

Application requirements

Professional Experience & Documents
Letter of motivation
-Curriculum vitae
-Name and contact details for two references

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