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Planetary science

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Scientic Supervisor / Contact Person

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Javier Ruiz

Localization & Research Area

Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Geological Science
Department of geodynamics
Research Area
Environmental Sciences and Geology (ENV)

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Research Team & Research Topic

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Planetary science
Brief description of the Research Team / Research Group / Department
The research activity of the Department of Geodynamics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid includes diverse topics on structural geology, tectonics, geophysics and theoretical geodynamics. The planetary science group is devoted to research lines on the thermal and mechanical structure of the lithosphere, thermal history, structural analysis and tectonic evolution, of the planetary bodies of the Solar System, mainly focused on Mars, Venus and Mercury. Future research lines will include the study of relationships between global geodynamics and the climatic and environmental evolutions of planetary bodies. Our group includes two senior scientists, postdocs and PhD students and technical staff.
Research lines / projects proposed
Proposed research lines:
- Heat flow and thermal evolution of Mars and Mercury.
- Relationship between global geodynamics and the climatic and environmental evolutions of Mars and Venus, as well as the implications for the understanding of the evolution of the Earth.
- Structural analysis, tectonics and implications on global dynamics of planetary bodies.- Structure and rheology of the lithosphere.
- Relations between planetary science knowledge and society.We are open to introduce any new line related to planetary dynamics and evolution.

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- Brief proposal of research project
You can attach the 'One Page Proposal' to enhance the attractiveness of your application. Supervisors usually appreciate it. Please take into account your background and the information provided in Research Team & Research Topic section to fill in it.

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