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Political Elites, Identities and Processes in Twentieth Century-History

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Fernando Del Rey Reguillo

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Faculty of Political and Social Science
Historia del Pensamiento y los Movimientos Sociales y Políticos
Research Area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

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Political Elites, Identities and Processes in Twentieth Century-History
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The team Élites, identidades y procesos politicos en la historia del siglo XX" (Political Elites, Identities and Processes in Twentieth Century-History) is officially recognized as a "consolidated research group" by the Regional Government of Madrid (Comunidad de Madrid) and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) since October 2005.The research team is defined by the interdisciplinary nature of its members" work, crossing the boundaries of political history, the history of ideas and social movement studies. Its goal is to improve our knowledge and historiographical narratives of the political and social recent past. The research team deals with the study of the political processes, ideas and movements of the first half of the Twentieth Century, with a particular focus on the Spanish, but also European and Latin American cases. It is worth mentioning the strength of the team"s composition, its training, capacities and its ability to transfer knowledge to the historiographical debates of several fora of academic debates, such as the journal of Historia y Política as well the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset workshop. The group is one of the leading research teams in Spanish University in the field of Twentieth Century History and it subsequently constitutes one of the most suitable atmospheres for a post - doctoral researcher to complete her/his academic research training."
Research lines / projects proposed
The research team"s work has followed four main historiographical research lines. All of them respond to a multidisciplinary approach between History and Social Sciences and refer to the history or Twentieth Century Societies.<br />- The historical and sociological analysis of Spanish political, social, economic and cultural elites in the 20th century. <br />- The study of identities from the perspective of political cultural history. This research line mainly focus in the nationalism identities, symbols and imaginaries in the 20 th century. <br />- The analysis of political process and social movements with a particular focus on Sociology and Political Social concepts.<br />- The study of political violence and intransigent political practices and discourses.

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- CV<br />- A motivation letter <br />- Research Project Proposal

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