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Research Group UCM 930235 Fraseología y Paremiología

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Scientic Supervisor / Contact Person

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Julia Sevilla Muñoz

Localization & Research Area

Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Language Studies
Romance, French and Italian studies and Translation
Research Area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

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Research Group UCM 930235 Fraseología y Paremiología
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The research group UCM 930235 Fraseología y Paremiología (PAREFRAS), is a national and international group, that was created in 2004 and has its core in the university Complutense of Madrid (UCM, Spain). From the beginning, many researchers of different Spanish and foreign universities participated and collaborated with this group, specially pioneers of phraseology and paremiology of Spain.
Aim of this group is the interlinguistic and interdisciplinary study of the sentenced statements and the paroemias (specially proverbs) and fixed expressions (such as phrases or collocations), oriented to the teaching of languages, the translation and the linguistics. Spanish is the link to the rest of the work languages, 21 so far.
The group started in 1996 with the interuniversity paremiologic research team, after the I International Congress of Paremiology (Córdoba, Spain), organized by the UCM and the journal Paremia (
Led by Jesús Cantera Ortiz de Urbina and his disciple Julia Sevilla Muñoz, this first team led to another team, that grew little by little in researchers. The incorporation of Prof. M.ª I. Teresa Zurdo Ruiz-Ayúcar meant the inclusion of the phraseological research. That is the reason for the current name of the group.
The PAREFRAS Group is positively evaluated by the AEI and included in the Heritage and Culture cluster (CIE, Campus of International Excellence).
Research lines / projects proposed
Research lines
o Phraseology and Paroemiology
o Phraseography and Paroemiography
o Applied Linguistics to Phraseology and Pareomiology
o Applied Translation to Phraseology and Paremias
o Phraseological and Paremiological documentary sources
o Phraseologisms and paremias in language teaching and its literature
o History, traditions, folklore and cultural heritage
o Discourse analysis: Phraseologisms and Paremias
o Phraseological units and ICTs

Nowadays, the PAREFRAS Group is working in using the ICTs in language teaching/learning with the phraseological units and their translation.

Most of the research areas developed by the PAREFRAS Group are competitive and enjoy an international projection. The PAREFRAS Group has developed the first coordinated RDI project about paremiology and the first interdepartmental project about phraseology.

Among its projects, the Refranero multilingüe stands out: a database with Spanish proverbs and its correspondence in 21 languages. With Open Access, it can be found in the webpage of the Cervantes Institute ( Because of its linguistic combinations and its content, it is an innovative database.

The PAREFRAS Group takes actively part in the organization of scientific meetings with a wide variety of subjects, as well as in the training of young researchers.

Application requirements

Professional Experience & Documents
oLetter of motivation
oRequired Spanish level C1

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