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Structure and reactivity of mineral surfaces

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Carlos M. Pina

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Institute of Geoscience (IGEO)
Research Area
Environmental Sciences and Geology (ENV)

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Structure and reactivity of mineral surfaces
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Our investigation focusses on the study of the formation and reactivity of minerals with biogeochemical and environmental interest.

Main research topics:

- Mineral surfaces on the nanoscale

- Molecular-scale crystal growth mechanisms

- Effect of inorganic and organic impurities on nucleation and growth of crystals

- Solid solution-aquepus solution systems

- Biomineralisation

- Mineral formation and mineralogical evolution in natural crystallisation systems.

Research lines / projects proposed

- Crystallisation of carbonates and sulphates under Earth"s surface conditions

- Molecular-scale crystal growth mechanisms on model mineral surfaces, e.g. barite and celestite (001) faces, calcite and dolomite
(104) faces, anhydrite (100), (010) and (001) faces. (main techniques: AFM. DRX, SEM, EDX, TEM)

- Formation of dolomite and dolomite-analogues

- Mechanisms of ambient temperature epitaxial growth at the nanoscale

- Quantification of the effect of inorganic and organic impurities on crystal growth.

- Relationships between crystallisation kinetics and composition in solid solution- aqueous solution systems.

- Biomineralisation and bioinduced crystallisation.

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